Snapchat VS Facebook: Feud of the Century

After several years innovating with photos that disappear within seconds, with filters and also with a lot of funny filters for your photos or videos, Snapchat learned that success is not always for those who arrives first, but for those who stays in even after the time goes by.

During the last May, Spiegel (Snap Inc.’s CEO, owners of Snapchat) said: “If you have a creative company you have to enjoy and accept the fact that people may copy your products“, after a social network such Facebook (also owners of: Instagram, Messenger and even WhatsApp) began to use features similar to those on Snapchat.



At the beginning of this year, the company hired another company from Sweden (called “Strong.Codes”) to increase the encryption of the software and thus to avoid copies, in spite of this, Snapchat continues in search of specialists, since the company is interested in generating softwares more complex and indecipherable codes.

This is the only way to prevent other companies from taking the codes to then generate new products or simply make modifications to programs already finished. Is this the way to prevent a company like Facebook from copying the ideas developed by Snapchat? We don’t known yet, but at least it shows an attempt on the part of the company to prevent this from happening. The imitations from Facebook began after Mark Zuckerberg tried, in a failed way, to acquire Snapchat.

List of Snapchat’s features copied by Facebook:

+ In early 2016, Facebook acquires an app called “Msqrd”, which is based on Snapchat and through the use of the camera of our device, allows us to add fun filters to our photos and videos.

+ In April 2016, Facebook debuted its QR codes for Messenger’s profiles, something very similar to Snapchat codes.

+ In August 2016, Facebook adds the format “stories” to its popular social network: Instagram.

+ During the second half of 2016, WhatsApp adds a camera interface similar to Snapchat. WhatsApp is another of the many companies acquired by Facebook.

+ Facebook adds “Geofilters” and “selfie masks” for live videos.

+ That same year Facebook adds a camera interface similar to Snapchat to Messenger.

+ During 2017, Instagram adds private messages that disappear, 3D face filters for your photos and histories based on geolocation.

+ Facebook adds the “stories” format for your main social network.


For this reason, the growth of users in Snapchat decreased with respect to previous years. Hopefully with this plan, the company, find a solution to the problem.


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