Snapchat Users ( Top Differences between Girls and Boys)

Yes! We Are a Snpachat Users and of course : differences between Snapchat Girls  and Boys  really exist . There is no way to deny that.


1. This is how the day goes by emotionally.

2. How to hurt the other one’s ego.



3. How to benefit from one’s assets… or not.


4. THis is how love confessions are handled.

5. This is how they see themselves in the mirror.


6. This is how they get ever a breakup.




7. How they make decisions.


8. This is what the shower looks like…


9. …and the inside of the mirror cabinet.


10. This is how much it takes to seduce them.


11. The trilemma during the search for the significant other.


12. These are the parts you are allowed to compliment.


13. What both sexes think about during a meeting.



14. What the marriage proposal looks like.


15. How the preferences change over the years.

16. How they pack…


17. …and what the result looks like.


18. And finally: What makes both sexes tick.


Thanks to :Snapchat Friends

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