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Great NEWS ! You Can Now chat in a Private Mode  in your Snapchat App .

If you are into technology gadgets and mobile applications, it is highly unlikely that you won’t be aware of the new application called Snapchat. 

The application enables you to capture a picture or even a small video that you can send to another person who is on Snapchat. The good thing though is that there are far lesser privacy concerns since the picture or the video that you have sent is going to self-destruct after a few seconds.

The application that has rather taken the app stores by storm was developed back in 2011 by a group of twenty or so students of Stanford University. Though the photo and video messenger is quite different from all the other similar applications because of the built in self-destruction feature, however, a screenshot of the photo or video that has been received is quite convenient to be taken. According to an estimate in May 2014, seven hundred million photos and videos were being sent and received via Snapchat on daily basis.

Since Snapchat happened to gain popularity on exponential basis, Facebook offered a lucrative offer of $3 billion dollars in order to purchase the application. However, one of the cofounder happened to refuse the offer because of which another similar application was developed and launched by Facebook itself called Slingshot.


Putting it simply, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t use Snapchat in the present era. Not only the teens but adults are equally involved and amused by the entertainment that the application has to offer. No wonder that Snapchat is primarily directed towards the teenagers which happen to make a major portion of the customer base. However, more and more people including the adults are now starting to make use of Snapchat. Celebrities and other popular personalities have also started to make use of Snapchat in order to be connected with their valuable fans.

Additional Features:-[kkstarratings][kkstarratings]

One to one chat feature has been incorporated in Snapchat recently. Users can now chat in private via Snapchat as well. Just like any other messenger, Snapchat has now turned into a text messenger as well along with being the photo and video messenger with what it started. The self-destruction feature has been utilized with the all new chat room as well. Once both the parties who were chatting in private have finally left the room, the messages are deleted automatically. Snapcash is another feature which was recently launched in the US only. With the utilization of this feature, the users are enabled to transfer money with the help of the chat function that turned out to be a pretty useful feature for the users.

Privacy Settings:-

No wonder privacy settings are a major concern for every other application that hits the market these days.With Snapchat, you get an added benefit that all of your texts, photos, and videos that you send to a friend are destined to self-destruct after a few seconds. Still there are additional privacy settings that you can control in order to ensure an experience that is exactly up to your specifications. By going in the WHO CAN option in your settings, you can define whether you would like to keep your snap stories to friends only and make them public. You can also determine if anyone outside the circle of your friends would be able to send you a snap or not. Moreover, the settings does also enable you to make a custom list in which you can put the users in your blocked list who won’t be allowed to see your snap story. Rest assured, Snapchat has taken its privacy settings pretty seriously.

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